Redwood City School District Grand Canyon Ecology Trek - 2020

Information about the Grand Canyon Trek for Kennedy Middle School

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What to Bring Day before Trip

Tuesday May 12th, Check-In 3:15-4:30 pm

Kennedy-Front Parking Lot

1) Bank Envelope: write your name & amount of money you are bringing on the outside of the envelope and seal it. Students may bring along up to $75.00 with which to buy snacks, souvenirs, postcards, etc. This money should be in small bills (i.e. 4 - $5.00’s and 15 - $1.00’s etc.).

All students should also carry about $5.00 in quarters the day of departure. They may wish to use this for buying a drink or snack at night from the vending machines where we stay.

2) Backpack: fully packed with clothes. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad attached to the outside of backpack and hiking boots tied to the outside frame. Everything should fit inside your backpack except those items for your overnight bag.

What to Bring the Morning of Trip!!!!!

Wednesday May 13th Check-In 5:45 am - Best to be there early We leave at 6:30 am Sharp! Do Not Be Late!

We do not wait for anyone!

REMEMBER, we will be spending the first night in a motel. Your “carry on” bag will include: your lunch, swimsuit, a large plastic bag for your wet swimsuit, toiletries (ALL TRAVEL SIZED ITEMS) and one set of clean clothes.

1) We will supply an overnight bag for the following:

          a. Bag lunch with a drink

          b. $5.00 in change (quarters for vending machines) c. Toiletries

          d. Bathing Suit

          e. Clean T-shirt, underware & socks

          f. PJ’s

          g. Camera (labeled with your name)

2) We DO NOT allow CELL PHONES or other electronic devices (iPods, etc.) on the trip, except cameras. If we find any electronic device, they WILL BE CONFISCATED & returned at the end of the trip

Download the Packing List